CleanMobility Solutions

We’re living in a changing world and the way we interact and make contact with each other is changing even faster. There are new challenges in public spaces as we learn how to share it comfortably while maintaining our safety and protection. At Schindler, we’re finding the solutions to help people adapt with our innovative Schindler CleanMobility solutions – keeping elevators and escalators sanitary and safe.

Touchless and UV sanitization operation solutions


Our Schindler CleanCall lets passengers select their destination with a simple wave of the hand.

Ultra UV and Ultra UV Pro

Schindler Ultra UV and Ultra UV Pro help to keep handrails clean and reduce bacteria and viruses with an innovative and effective UV-C light system.

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CleanMobility elevator & escalator sanitizing solutions

Elevators and escalators are one of the most frequently visited and used facilities within a building. Hence, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of these spaces to ensure it is safe for public use.

Schindler CleanMobility Solutions aim to provide swift, clean and touchless elevator solutions. For instance, our ElevateMe app allows passengers to control the elevator using their smartphones, CleanCall has touchless elevator buttons that lets passengers select the destination with a simple wave of hand, and our CleanCover is an antibacterial cover film that covers elevator cabin surfaces that are often touched like buttons.

Our kNOw Touch Contactless Elevator Control Panel is an innovation that allows passengers to select to their desired floor by activating the sensor without touching the panel. This is an effective way to minimize the risk and spread of diseases as no contact is needed.

CleanMobility is also a one stop elevator and escalator sanitization and disinfection solution for keeping users’ environment safe with the UV CleanAir elevator air purifier and UV CleanCar UV light sterilization. For escalators, we offer a new method of handrail disinfection with the Schindler Ultra UV device. The device uses germicidal UV-C light to treat the handrails, damaging the genetic materials of bacteria and viruses, helping to prevent their spread.