Schindler Ahead

Schindler Ahead is the digital solution for elevators and escalators, offering a whole range of new products and services. Whether you own, manage or use an elevator or escalator, you will benefit from higher uptime, thorough insights and greater convenience. Schindler Ahead is the world’s first fully digital closed-loop maintenance, emergency services and information system.

Made for today

Schindler Ahead connects elevators and escalators with Schindler’s Cloud-Platform, powered by GE Predix.

This powerful connection makes it possible to deliver predictive services, real-time information for our customers, service technicians and the customer contact center – and a range of personalized solutions for passengers.

Ready for the future

At the center of the new solution is the Ahead Cube. A smart communication gateway that runs analytics, transmits data and evolves as our customers’ demand it.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates ensure that this technology almost never gets outdated, and via a growing portfolio of Cube Apps, it is able to unleash new services instantly.

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With Schindler Ahead, achieve comfort and peace of mind

Elevators contain hundreds of intricate moving parts, many of which require routine maintenance to ensure that they function effectively and efficiently. Regular elevator maintenance has been proven to reduce repair costs and increase the lifespan of your equipment. You can upgrade your Schindler elevator to a smart lift with Schindler Ahead, which improves the way your elevator functions.

As the status of your lift and escalators is checked through Schindler Ahead’s smart system, you can now take better precautions with your equipment health. Our ActionBoard has predictive maintenance features that allow you to perform remote monitoring at any time when you’re on the go. Hence, requesting maintenance checks and services can be done with just a few touches on the screen.With smart elevator technology, you won't have to wait long for an elevator or escalator repair.

Building owners or managers can regularly connect the health status of their elevators with Schindler's smart lift system, which helps reduce shutdowns, equipment malfunctions, and unhappy users. Schindler Ahead’s digital services prepare your elevators and escalators to be future-ready using data and insights.